Why MegaMigit?

Glad you asked. If you were a gamer you would know that a midget or a squeaker is what online Gamers call little kids who are good enough Gamers to hang with the older kids online but obviously have a younger sounding voice (or "squeak" as it were). Our owner was a squeaker/midget who was so young when created his first online nickname, he was really proud to be a squeaker/midget allowed to play online with the big kids BUT too young to spell it right. Thus, MegaMigit was born (complete with being spelled incorrectly).

Trust us. MegaMigit (or Mega for short) Knows His Gaming. 



This is not the actual MegaMigit (At least he likes to think so)...

This is not the actual MegaMigit (At least he likes to think so)...

We saw a need....

When Mega was asked over and over for help with what to buy, where to get it, and how to install it, it seemed obvious. There needs to be an easy way to buy a custom built desktop gaming computer that is top of the line and will be just what your kid wants without the stress of trying to do it on your own.  You can't buy a good gaming computer at BestBuy or Costco.  Even Dell, HP and Alienware don't choose the best components for gaming.  MMCB sources the best components, simply select one of our options and MMCB will assemble the PC for you and deliver it depending on the delivery choice chosen. We even offer local RVA white glove installation. Why over complicate things when MMCB has already spent the time simplifying it for you.

Chill. We got this.

Just pick one of our MMCB Computers for a return to non stressful living.